hiking around fior di campo

Around Campo there are numerous hiking possibilities of all levels of difficulty all year round. In winter, the skiing area Bosco Gurin (20 minutes by car) offers a welcome change. We will be happy to help you choose your route.

Easy hikes

Campo - Cimalmotto - Corte Nuovo - Campo

Length: 5.05 km

Ascent / Descent: 309m / 309m

Walking time: 1h 46min


In winter also suitable as a snowshoe hike.

Campo - Cimalmotto - Lagared - Italian border

Length: 11.52 km

Ascent/Descent: 429m/429m

Walking time: 3h 17min


In winter also suitable as a snowshoe hike.

Alpe Magnello - Summer Variation

Length: 9.58 km

Ascent/descent: 551 m/551 m

Walking time: 3h 18min


Alpe Magnello - Winter Variation

Length: 9.79 km

Ascent/Descent: 633m/633m

Walking time: 3h 38min


Perfect as a snowshoe hike in winter.


Length: 10.39 km

Ascent/Descent: 594 m/594 m

Walking time: 3h 24min

Campo - Pietra Viva

Length:8,76 km

Ascent/Descent: 617m/562m

Walking time: 3h 16min

Medium difficulty hikes

Alpe Quadrella

Length: 7.61 km

Ascent/descent: 544 m/ 546 m

Walking time: 2h 51min


In winter also suitable as a snowshoe hike.

Campo - Panaorama trail - Alpe Quadrella - Campo

Length: 10.42 km

Ascent/Descent: 877 m/879 m

Walking time: 4h 23min


Campo - Pian Crosc - Alpe Quadrella - Campo

Length: 12 km

Ascent/Descent: 920m

Walking time: 4h 38min

Hikes for advanced hikers

Pizzo Bombögn via Pian Crosc

Length: 9.54 km

Ascent/descent: 1009 m/ 1009 m

Walking time: 4h 46min

Lago di Sfii

Length: 12.42 km

Ascent/descent: 876 m/873 m

Walking time: 4h 44min

Lagi Gelato and Pozzöi

Length: 15.22 km

Ascent/Descent: 1129 m/1131 m

Walking time: 5h 58min

Between Campo and Bosco Gurin

(we always recommend starting from Bosco Gurin)

Variant 1

about Piano Crosc

Length: 8.49 km

Ascent/descent: 756 m/944 m

Walking time: 4h 01min

Variant 2

About Grossalp

Length: 12.51 km

Ascent/Descent: 834m/920m

Walking time: 4h 33min

Variant 3

Passo Quadrella - Corte Nuovo Campo

Length: 7.71 km

Ascent/Descent: 664m/845m

Walking time: 3h 31min